XPanel Conversion Tool

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Additional Notes:

  • The reference URL used for the web XPanel will remain exactly the same after the converstion. The landing page is simply replaced by a new HTML page offering the option to install the XPanel application or to download and launch the .c3p project file
    • For Crestron Fusion users, no changes are required to the room records; the pointers are the same as before, including any value pairs for IPAddress, IPID, or Port.
  • The XCT copies the original files to a local backup directory
  • The XCT generates the converted files in a local directory
  • The XCT uploads the converted files to the original location, or to an alternate location if desired, as specified in the tool
  • The XCT keeps track of all its work. By default, each job creates a unique date/time stamped folder in the Documents\XPanel_Conversion_Tool directory and includes sub-directories for Backup, Converted, and Report files.
    • The default directories can be changed by specifiying your own preferred locations using the Settings menu in the tool’s interface
Associated Models:

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