DM-NVX Firmware 4.1.4472.00021

Version: 4.1.4472.00021 Last Modified: 9/30/2020 12:00:00 PM Change Log: New Features Support for the DM‐NVX‐360(c) and 363(c) products with the following new features: Dolby Vision HDR10+ Dante (DM‐NVX‐363) DSP Down mix (DM‐NVX‐363) Image Preview Security improvements Associated Models: DM-NVX-350 DM-NVX-350C DM-NVX-351 DM-NVX-351C DM-NVX-352 DM-NVX-352C DM-NVX-E30 DM-NVX-D30 DM-NVX-D30C DM-NVX-E30C

CP4N 2.4508.00035


CP4N – 4-Series Control System
A rack-mountable control system with a powerful 4‑Series control engine and numerous integrated control ports. Features an isolated control subnet that provides a Gigabit Ethernet LAN dedicated to Crestron devices.