C# Libraries and Programming for 3-Series® Control Systems

Run the SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro plugin on Visual Studio® to create a C# library that links with SIMPL and SIMPL+® modules and to write control system programming in C# for use on 3-Series® processors.

Simpl Sharp Pro with Simpl Sharp Library 2.000.0058.01

Crestron Device Database 200.15.001

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Version: 200.15.001 Last Modified: 9/22/2020 12:00:00 PM Change Log: Fixes/Changes from 200.10.001 to 200.15.001: MD5 Hash: f4474df091a224137a6bd7aea33e9809 Library Update New symbols DM-NVX-36x(C) Updated TSW-xx60 – update to System3 Reserved Joins INCLUDE4.DAT (3 & 4 series) version 2.14.093. There is a known issue with Simpl Sharp not sending the correct value of DM NAX (AES67) audio for […]

Crestron Toolbox 3.07.144

Version: 3.07.144 Last Modified: 9/22/2020 12:00:00 PM Change Log: Core Toolbox Fix issue where toolbox was unable to connect to devices on a different subnet Fix issue where toolbox was unable to connect using Dynamic DNS Fix issue where toolbox sometimes would not connect to TSR that was left idle overnight Fix issue in Web Pages […]