Crestron Toolbox 3.07.144

Version: 3.07.144
Last Modified: 9/22/2020 12:00:00 PM
Change Log:

  • Core Toolbox
    • Fix issue where toolbox was unable to connect to devices on a different subnet
    • Fix issue where toolbox was unable to connect using Dynamic DNS
    • Fix issue where toolbox sometimes would not connect to TSR that was left idle overnight
    • Fix issue in Web Pages and Mobility Projects where name cannot contain a space
    • Fix issue where silent install did not work properly for Windows 7 machines. (Would prompt for drivers).
    • Add support 16 bit IPIds in IP Table setup dialog
    • Update Remote Syslog dialog to support additional features available with 4-Series control systems
    • Update Remote Syslog to support REMOTESYSLOG ONLY flag for 3 and 4 Series control systems
  • DM Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • DMPS Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • SIMPL Debugger
    • Fix issue where debugger stopped working when PC went into sleep mode
  • System Info
    • No Tool Changes
  • EDID Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • InfiNET Diagnostic Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • Power Management Tool (CEN-UPS1250)
    • No Tool Changes
  • Device Discovery Tool
    • Added support to export information to XiO
    • Added images for various devices where image was not rendered
    • Fix issue where NVX-36x device icons were not rendered
  • Device Learner
    • No Tool Changes
  • PROCISE Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • DVPHD Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • BPC8 Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • DALI Commissioning Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • Network Device Tree
    • No Tool Changes
  • Package Update Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • ProSound Tools
    • No Tool Changes
  • HDXSP Tool
    • No Tool Changes
  • Script Manager
    • No Tool Changes
  • Security Audit Tool
    • Add support for CP4 and RMC4
    • Fix incorrect error message displayed for AV3
  • Text Console
    • No Tool Changes
  • DIN-THSTAT configuration tool
    • No Tool Changes
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