Simpl Sharp Pro with Simpl Sharp Library 2.000.0058.01


Develop complete, dynamic control system programs for 3-Series® control processors with the SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro plugin for Visual Studio® 2008 Professional Edition. SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro plugins are a bridge between the C# programming language and Crestron Control Systems®. SIMPL# is a C# library specifically designed to link to your existing SIMPL and SIMPL+® programs. SIMPL#Pro is an entire control system program written in C# that runs on 3-Series processors, with complete access to each processor’s ports and accessories. Crestron® control system programming is more powerful and versatile than ever with C# integration.

As the only company to build control processors on the standard Microsoft .NET framework, Crestron is pleased to provide the ability to develop control system programs in the powerful C# programming language. Exclusive support for C# programs diversifies system capabilities in a way that no other company on the market can match. As an industry standard, C# programs can be written by any one of a vast majority of programmers, and opportunities for greater understanding of the language are widely available. The nature of the language enables dynamic programs to be created and then productized and deployed, achieving more efficient programming by eliminating the need to write each job’s program from scratch. Programs that are scalable from one room to many cut down on programming development time. In addition, any programmer familiar with C# can make adjustments to the program quickly and across the board with very little time spent analyzing the code. With SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro, equipment can be removed and replaced without necessitating program changes and room configurations can be changed on the fly. Web services, SSH, SQL, and other special services written in C# can interface with SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro for a customized, flexible control system solution.

SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro solutions are written, developed, and debugged in Microsoft® Visual Studio. In Visual Studio, programmers can execute their code line by line and troubleshoot potential problems before installing the program on a control processor. Single-step debugging helps to avoid time-consuming problems. 3-Series control system setup is easier, more versatile, and faster than ever with SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro.

Key Features
  • C# library for SIMPL and SIMPL+® devices and control system programming in C# for 3-Series® processors
  • Plugin for Visual Studio Professional 2008 Service Pack 1
  • Widely used programming language
  • Scalable code for deployment in several rooms
  • Easily changeable room configurations
  • Integration with third-party services such as SSH and SQL
  • Single-step debugging
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