Crestron Device Database 200.15.001

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Version: 200.15.001

Last Modified: 9/22/2020 12:00:00 PM
Change Log:


Fixes/Changes from 200.10.001 to 200.15.001:

MD5 Hash: f4474df091a224137a6bd7aea33e9809

Library Update

  • New symbols
    • DM-NVX-36x(C)
  • Updated
    • TSW-xx60 – update to System3 Reserved Joins
    • INCLUDE4.DAT (3 & 4 series) version 2.14.093. There is a known issue with Simpl Sharp not sending the correct value of DM NAX (AES67) audio for AudioSource, DanteAudioSource join of DM-NVX-36x
      • Fixed Issues
        • SSP-705: DM NVX SIMPL# library update for Thumbnail (preview images) support in 36x
        • SSP-697: AM-200/300 Release 5.1 Symbol Updates
        • SSP-675: Rel 5 for NVX 35x 36X E30 D30: Create device class
        • SSP-674: Rel 4 DM-NVX-36x: Create device class
        • SSP-724: S# Pro programs built with NuGet package fail to start with Missing Files error
        • SSP-608: [4-Series] Exception thrown on user console command removal

Help Update

  • New help
    • DM-NVX-36x(C)
  • Updated help
    • TSW-xx60 – update to System3 Reserved Joins
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